Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Plisken...)

You turn and face your mother, her pussy already wet from masturbating. She jumps on top of the kitchen table and wipes it clean of the dishes. You lean in as she spreads her legs and exposes her pussy. You never thought it would feel so good, eating your own mother’s pussy.

You lick her hard, sucking at her clitoris, sliding your fingers deep inside of her vagina. Your mother throws her head back and screams with pleasure. You thrive at the thought that you are fingering the pussy where you once came from. You want to make her feel real good and you do your best to give her an orgasm.

You eat her out good, fingering her g-spot and sliding one more finger in her pussy until finally she screams, “Yes, baby! Yes” and squirts all over your face. You have your mother’s pussy juice flowing all over your face and your fathers cum over your ass and you’re still feeling hungry for more.