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(Everybody Wants You, continued by Plisken...)

“Fuck me dad! I really want you to do it,” you say, and then you look at your mom. “And I want her to watch!”

“If that’s what you want honey,” your dad says and unzips his pants, bringing out his huge cock in front of you.

You can see your mother is in agony but she can’t turn away, she keeps looking straight at the both of you as your father slides his big cock into your moist pussy.

As he slides into you, you feel the lust taking over you completely. He grabs you by the hips and pulls you towards him as he thrusts deeper and deeper inside of you.

“Oh my god!” you scream, as he’s fucking you faster and faster there on the kitchen table and finally you cum, locking your legs behind his back and pushing him deep inside you. He groans as he pulls out in the final moment and shoots his load over you.