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(Everybody Wants You, continued by Plisken...)

You decide your mother needs some attention. Ignoring your brother’s foot, you pull off your sock and stretch your foot under the table and slide it in under your mother’s skirt.

Your mom tenses up and looks at you from the other side of the table. There is an awkward moment where she drops her chin as you wiggle your foot in between her legs, but instead of stopping you she moves her chair closer to the table, still pretending this is just another family breakfast.

“Will you please pass me the bread?” she asks your father as you put your naked foot up against her Venus mound and slightly press it.

“Of course dear,” your father says and hands her the bread. Your mother continues to pretend like nothing is going on while she takes the bread and you are slowly rubbing your sole against her panties. She clenches her legs around your foot as she is buttering the bread, and she’s wiggling from excitement in her chair, pushing her pelvis against your foot.

“So how are things going at work?” Your father strikes up a conversation with your brother, trying to cover up the awkward tension in the room. As they keep talking about your brother’s work you manage to wiggle your big toe in under your mom’s panties and slide it up at her wet slit.

She moans as she takes a big bite of the bread. “Mmm, oh yeah. This… bread… is really good!” Then she adjusts herself in her seat, sliding her hips down and letting your toes slide into her pussy.

You have to bite your lip to prevent you from gasping out loud as you feel the wet and warmth of your mother’s pussy around your toes. “Here honey,” she says to you, “try a bite of this bread,” and as she leans forward to give you a taste of hear bread you feel a little bit more of your foot sliding into your her pussy. “Isn’t it lovely?”

Almost half your foot is now buried deep inside your mother’s vagina. You feel the warmth and wetness hugging your foot, sending a wonderful sensation all over your body. You bite down at the bread she’s offering you and you moan out loud, saying it’s one of the best pieces of bread you ever tasted.

Your father and brother seem absolutely oblivious about what’s going on under their breakfast table. They keep talking about your brother’s work as if nothing strange has happened this morning. Then your mom turns to your brother and says, “Well sometimes, if you really want something, you have to push hard. Just push hard!” Then she glances at you and you know exactly what to do.

You push your foot hard into her vagina. It’s very difficult in the beginning and you can see her face twisted in agony as you drive further and further inside of her, but at a certain point, you feel the tension releasing and it’s almost as if you are being sucked into her pussy. She lets out a gasp of air as your foot slides into her vagina completely, from heel to toe.

“Are you all right dear?” your father asks, as your mother lets out a low moan.

You wiggle your toes inside your mother’s pussy and watch in amazement the excitement playing in her face. She tries to restrain herself as she answers your father.

“Never better dear…” she pants. “This bread… is really wonderful!”