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(Everybody Wants You, continued by Plisken...)

“Yes!” you sigh. “Please won’t somebody just fuck me! I’m so horny I could burst. I need your big cock inside of me.”

Your brother wastes no time, and your own mother even helps him to direct his throbbing cock into your wet pussy.

It feels so good when he penetrates you, as if this is what you’ve been waiting for your whole life. He pushes deep inside of you and you feel fulfilled and complete for the first time in a really long time.

“Oh please,” you whisper to your dad, as your brother is slowly pounding your pussy, “I want your dick in my mouth when he fucks me!”

Your dad is not late to respond and he places his dick at your lips. You put your lips around it and as you feel your brother pushing deeper and deeper inside of you, you swallow more and more of your dad’s cock, all the way down the shaft.

You enjoy having one cock driving you hard from below and another one filling your mouth. They fuck you slowly in the beginning, one from each end. Father and son united through daughter and sister.

Then all of a sudden, you feel your mother’s touch, her fingers softly pushing against your clitoris. Her fingers find the exact right spot and you feel a surge of lust running through your body.

You push your body towards your brother’s cock and plunge your father’s cock as far down your throat as you can without choking. Then all of a sudden they all pick up pace and you’re being fucked from all directions until you gasp for air and cum in an incredible orgasm on the kitchen table.