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(Everybody Wants You, continued by TastiestLeader...)

While looking through the costumes and outfits, you find a skimpy little T-shirt with the words “Daddy’s Little Monster” printed on the front. You almost dressed up as the crazy sex-pot Harley Quinn last Halloween, but Dan wanted to be a Jedi Knight (he borrowed your dad’s grey bath robe, and wore a fake ponytail) so he talked you out of dressing up as Harley Quinn, and you ended up borrowing your mother’s blue bathrobe.

You cringe at the thought.

You strip down until you are completely naked. Deciding to go braless, you put the “Harley Quinn” shirt on. While tugging the T-shirt over your breasts you notice how snug it fits you, but it makes your tits look great!

A lot of white face paint. Some black eye-liner. A bit of red lipstick on your cheeks. Bubblegum-pink lipstick for your lips. You tie your hair up into Harley’s signature pigtails. Having had lesbian fantasies about the actress that portrays Harley Quinn on the big screen, it turns you on to see the psycho-sex-kitten looking back at you from the mirror.

“Perfect!” you tell the crazy, sexy girl in the mirror. “I hope Kieran doesn’t think I forgot about him.”

You step away from the mirror and see your own pussy! You realize that face-paint and a sassy tee is all you were wearing.

You find a red pleated skirt, but no panties that matchd your costume. “Okay, I don’t need panties getting in the way of Kieran’s cock anyway. However, these stripper boots are perfect!”

They are black thigh-highs. High heeled. The kind where the key shaped zipper runs from the heel, up to Heaven. The gentle vibration the zipper makes as you slowly pull the key sends a tingle up your thigh and a tickle to your cunt…

“You still up there Jennifer?” Kieran calls.

“I’m on my way down from the attic,” you reply. “Wait for me at the bottom of the stairs and close your eyes.”

One last look in the mirror to make sure you’re ready… You look so much like the villainess from the movie, it makes you wet.

You make it down from the attic without breaking your ankle. You’ve never worn heels this high, and you’re hoping you won’t fall down the stairs in front of Kieran.

You manage to walk the hallway fairly well and notice a hockey stick leaning against a closet door. It’s not a baseball bat like it the movie, but it will make a nice accessory for your costume.

You are now standing at the top of the stairs. Kieran is on the bottom step, leaning on the handrail, covering his eyes. He is completely naked. The afternoon sun coming through the windows seems to envelope him. Kieran’s tan skin, his broad shoulders and thick muscles remind you of Tarzan, in a hunky “lord of the jungle” way.

His cock is huge. While nowhere near erect, Kieran’s dick hangs from his groin like an elephant’s trunk. It excites and even frightens you a little. You feel a tickle on your inner thigh and realize your pussy is literally dripping wet.

You strike your best Harley Quinn pose. Taking a wide stance and letting your arms rest on the hockey stick now draped across your shoulders.

“You can look now.”

Kieran uncovers his eyes and looks up at you. A big smile appears on his face, and his thick trunk of a cock grows even thicker as it becomes hard.

“You look fucking hot, Emma! I mean Harley!” Kieran exclaims as he starts up the stairs toward you. “I can’t wait to fuckin’ bang you!”

Several waves of different emotions wash over you as you watch this gorgeous man climb toward you. First, you’re very glad you don’t have to go down the stairs in these heels. Second, you are having fun for the first time since you split up with Dan. Third, for all the sexually charged attention you’ve received today, you actually want to fuck Kieran. Fourth, that monster cock of his is intimidating.

Kieran stops a couple steps shy of where you stand. He looks into your eyes. “Don’t move babe, stay just as you are,” he tells you with sly grin. He then leans forward and looks right up your pleated mini skirt. It’s like your now soaking wet cunt can feel Kieran’s gaze upon it. You tilt your head back and adjust the hockey stick. In that brief moment, Kieran swoops his head under your skirt and plunges his tongue in and out of your drenched slit.

Kieran reaches behind you and grabbed you by the ass cheeks. His strong hands spread your firm bottom as he pulls your cunt to his face and he proceeds to fuck you with his tongue.

With his head hidden by your skirt you stare down at his muscled back and his nicely shaped ass. You imagine how his butt will look as he thrusts his big cock into your eager pussy.

After a couple more minutes of tongue-fucking you, Kieran emerges from beneath your short skirt. The strong fucker effortlessly picks you up and puts you over his shoulder. He then grabs the hockey stick from you and tosses it down the hallway. You let out a giggle reminiscent of the “real” Harley Quinn and playfully smack his bottom.

Kieran carries you to a bedroom and flings you off his shoulder and onto a firm mattress. You bounce a little bounce then reposition yourself on your knees on the bed. Kieran’s fuck stick is now about tit-level to you. You put your hands around his thick shaft and begin stroking him with both hands. You are amazed at just how long, thick and hard Kieran’s cock really is. You really want to suck this massive prick so you lean forward and pull his manhood to your lips.

You look up at Kieran as if waiting for permission. He smiles and gives a gentle nudge with his hips. You open your mouth wide and pretty much force your lips around his cock’s head. You gag instantly.

“Holy fuck, you’re huge!” you tell him.

With an almost sad expression Kieran looks down and says, “I’ve never had a good blowjob, girls tell me I’m too fucking big. I’ve had chicks freak out and leave when they see it.”

“Well Mr. J.” you say in your best Harley Quinn impression, “Freaking out is kinda normal for me, and I ain’t no quitter!”

You work up some nerve and try again. While still stroking him, you start licking the head of Kieran’s cock. Working your tongue all around it. A bit of precum emerges from the tip. You hold out your tongue and with another hand stroke you catch the drop with your tongue. You then press Kieran’s swollen cock to your lips and like a snake swallowing a bigger snake you manage to work yourself around it. As your jaw relaxes you’re able to down about half of cock’s length. Now you’re giving Kieran something he’s never had, a real blowjob.

Once you get a nice rhythm going, it isn’t long before Kieran pulls his giant prick out of your mouth and backs up a couple steps.

“Fuckin’ A Emma, wow babe! But I don’t wanna cum yet,” Kieran exclaims. “That felt so good, but I wanna fuck you so bad!”

Without saying a word, you lie back on the bed and pull up your skirt. You smile at Kieran and open your legs. You slide two fingers into your wet pussy then spread your cunt open as an invitation.

Kieran then gets on top of you and nestles his hips between your thighs. You can feel the pressure of his massive cock as he begins to push into you. Your pussy is dripping wet and little by little your cunny is widened by the girth of Kieran’s dick. You can actually feel when the rim of his cock slips past your cunt lips.

He is now as far into your pussy as he was in your mouth. It hurts a little to be stretched so wide, but it feels so good too. He keeps pushing, feeding your hungry cunt another couple inches. Kieran’s dick has to be at least twelve inches long. This is as deep as you had ever been fucked and he still has four or five inches to give.

Then he starts moving his hips. Out and in, slowly at first, then faster and harder. Pain gives way to pleasure as you begin to orgasm. Kieran doesn’t miss a beat. He keeps his piston pumping. One orgasm rolls into another, then another. You lose track of time and space and have no idea if you are experiencing multiple orgasms or one really long one.

Then you notice something different. It takes a moment to come to you.

Kieran’s balls are slapping your ass! He has that whole elephant trunk of a cock inside you!

“Whoa! Holy fuck babe! I’m gonna cum so fucking hard!” Kieran grunts out.

And he does cum hard. Kieran’s cock pulses deep inside your now very well-fucked pussy, gushing stream after stream of cum. He has stopped pounding your cunt and is now completely inside you. Still pulsating, you can feel his heartbeat… in your vagina.

Kieran collapses on top of you, panting and muttering unintelligible words. All you can manage to make out is the loving phrase, “Will you fuckin’ marry me?”

You reply, “Fuck yes.”

The End