Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Traci Cobalt...)

You close your eyes, block everything out and count to ten. Hopefully this is all just a bad dream and you will snap out of it. You squeeze your eyes, let calm wash over you and start to count. Your butt loosens and the pain slowly subsides as you blissfully lull yourself back into consciousness. The feeling of being filled up in your backside slowly slips away replaced with a tingly almost erotic sensation.

You are jolted back to reality with a squeal as he drives back into you, thrusting to the hilt with his massive cock. You let out another gasp as he slips back out of you.

As you contemplate that this is not how you wanted your day to end up you feel his hardened hips using your butt as a pillow and a pin cushion as his balls slap against your pussy. It is still a little painful and you try not to squeeze as he probes your depths.

Not squeezing helps and you loosen your ass some more as he slides in and out of you. As the burning sensation subsides, the feeling of fullness you get as he drives inside you starts to become pleasant and the expansions and contractions of your anus as he thrusts in and out begin to feel like a massage… a very erotic massage.

You immediately remind yourself that this is in no way consensual, although you can feel his muscularity behind you and are starting to feel that in other circumstances this could even be pleasant.

You begin to wonder what he might taste like but your train of thought is cut short by three big thrusts. You let out a squeak with each one poking so deep inside you. you think it could poke right through you. He pulls out and you feel a wet sensation dripping from your crack over your pussy.

The feeling of helplessness and having what was obviously a very strong man behind you not to mention getting your brains fucked out has left you feeling a little loose and turned on. Not just you… all the bouncing and thrusting has loosened up the fence too. You seize on the opportunity to escape and pull backwards out of the fence, turning to get a look at your attacker. Just as you begin to turn you feel a push in the back and your face plants in the dirt. You feel a leather collar tighten around your neck, hear the click of a lock and feel the weight of an attached chain.