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(Everybody Wants You, continued by Oh...)

One of the obviously horny men steps up to you while holding his dick. He places it merely inches apart from your mouth.

You can’t help but smile at the inverted man’s dick.

“Suck it, suck my cock right now!” he demands while enjoying the spectacle before him.

“Sure thing, pal,” you say seductively as you place both hands on his butt cheeks, pulling him and his cock closer to your lips.

In an instant his full cock is inside your mouth. You take a second to adjust before moving your head up and down of his cock ever so slowly.

The man remarks on how good this feels. Encouraged by the posiitve comment, you quicken your pace, sucking his cock much faster than before.

You can’t believe the situation you’re currently in right now. You are sucking a man’s cock while lying down on your back while a stripper attacks you pussy.

“Argh….yeah…keep…it…up,I’m going to cum!” the man exclaims as your lips wrap around his dick.

As promised, the man’s juices begin squirting out, with much of his cum entering your mouth. When he is somewhat done, he removes his cock and demands you open your mouth.

Complying with his orders, you open your mouth, revealing most of his cum on your tongue.

“Now swallow it,” he orders.

“I was already going to,” you think as you swallow it down, the white substance travelling down your throat. Then you open your mouth, revealing much of the cum gone.

While you catch your breath a man shouts, “Hey how come he gets all the fun?”

Another guy yells “Hey, yeah!”

In a flash, the crowd of men all rush to your side, eagerly craving your body.

The man you gave a blowjob to is pushed aside by another guy, wanting his cock to be sucked too. Another man manages to lift you slightly, suspending you high enough so that he can get in between the stage and your butt. You wince in pain as his dick enters your asshole, but you soon begin to love it and moan in pleasure.

Another guy, sensing that most of the available holes are gone, decides to lift the stripper up and place her directly on top of you, her breasts directly parallel to yours. You smile the best you can with a cock inside your mouth when you feel the stripper’s soft, firm boobs contacting yours.

You smile becomes even more apparent as another man’s dick strikes your pussy. Moans begin to escape your cock-filled mouth as all your holes are pleasured thoroughly. The man under you is thrusting his dick downwards and upwards, enjoying your asshole, while the man inside your pussy savors the feel of your pussy walls expanding and contracting around his cock.

You do your best to suck the other man’s cock, what with two other cocks inside you. Meanwhile, two other men who are tired of jerking off decide to approach you. With no other holes to spare, you stretch out your hands to give both of them a handjob.

Another other guys notice this and decide to the same with the stripper, her hands rubbing their cocks downwards and upwards.

You can’t believe it — all around you are guys inside of you, and other guys lining up to taste a piece of the action. All your holes are filled with dicks that are moving inside of you at a pleasurable speed.

Your mouth, your asshole, your pussy — you feel yourself at the edge of climaxing, and so do the others.

The man in your mouth cums first, squirts of juice coating your throat and tongue. You relish the feel of warm semen glowing in your mouth. Then he pulls out, allowing you to swallow the warm load.

Simultaneously you quicken your pace with the pair of cocks on your hands until they too squirt their share of cum, all landing on the back of the stripper.

“Argh… I’m going to… cum!” the man in your asshole yells, and in an instant your chute is full of cum. You moan in pleasure as it warms your insides.

The man in your pussy cums next, his dick twitching inside your cunt as he spurts. But he continues to plough your pussy at your request, since you have yet to orgasm yourself.

Finally you reach your climax. “Argh… Yess… Yesss…” you sigh, dimly aware of the withdrawal of his dick and trickles of semen oozing from your pussy and ass.

There’s a cheer from the crowd. They clearly enjoyed the spectacle.