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(Everybody Wants You, continued by TheRake...)

You decide that with this “power” of yours, you could really have some fun. You decide you want an orgy. You message a couple of hundred random people from your friend request list, to meet at the mall at one o’clock.

You are amazed to find that, within minutes, absolutely everyone replies with some sort of yes, some more…. excited… than others. Perhaps you should’ve started with a smaller selection of people, but it’s done now.

You smile as you pick out your best slutty outfit. It’s a purple bra that only covers your nipples, and purple panties that go right up into your asscrack. You attract a fair bit of attention when you arrive at the people-infested mall.

Throwing caution (and sanity?) to the wind, you yell out, “Hey everyone, let’s get started!”