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(Everybody Wants You, continued by Clarice...)

You rush towards your neighborur, Mister Middleton’s, house and furiously bang on the door. You keep glancing behind you, praying that the molesters at the bus-stop haven’t followed you and that your parents won’t come out of the house to find you.

After a few minutes, Mister Middleton opens the door. He’s a middle-aged man whose wife has left him recently, and he’s always been helpful to your family.

His eyes immediately fall to your boobs. Then they wander down to your ass. A huge grin spreads on his face. “Come in, Emma, come in. What a wonderful surprise.”

He makes you a cup of coffee and lights a candle. When he asks you about your day, you tell him about all the weird happenings.

“You know sir, I feel as if I can tell you anything, do anything with you, you’re just so relaxed,” you admit.

Another grin spreads across his face.