Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by daisiesandcock...)

After a long while of being stuck in that fence, you hear bushes rustling from in front of you and behind you. A man with glasses and brown hair with a sort of crew cut comes out of the bush in front of you, and another man comes out from the bush behind you. You can feel something familiar slowly enter your ass… It’s him! The guy that just fucked you is back! And he brought a friend?

“Hello there,” the man with glasses says. “My name is Harvey. What’s yours?”

“Emma…” you respond.

“Hah, nice to know the cumbucket has a name,” the man from behind you says, while fucking you slowly. You feel a tingle in your pussy after he calls you a cumbucket. “I’m Todd,” he continues.

“This is the one?” Harvey asks. “She looks like a complete cock slut.”

“Yeah, Harv, she is,” Todd replies. “She felt pleasure from anal rape, for chrissake.”

“Would we really need to do this to her, then? I mean, she seems willing enough to go through with it without the hypnotization.”

Wait, hypnotization?

“Dammit, Harv, you told her the plan.”

“Sorry, sorry, let’s get on with it then.” Harvey immediately unzips his pants and shoves his cock into your mouth, but… you can’t seem to struggle. It’s like you’re being put under a spell.

“Don’t worry, Emma,” Harvey tells you. “You’ll be living a happier life soon enough.”

You pass out slowly with your mouth on his dick…