Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by daisiesandcock...)

“Coming, Master Todd!” you exclaim, running towards Master Todd’s bedroom with the back of your mini-skirt flapping up and down, showing your panty-less bottom right above your thigh-high red-and-white-striped socks.

“What would you like from me, Master?” you ask him.

“You know what I want, Emma,” Master Todd boasts. “The usual.”

“Right away, sir!” With a pep in your step, you joyfully walk over to Master Todd, his pants unzipped and his cock ready for you to pleasure it. After all, cocks are what you live for, aren’t they?

After the fence incident — well, you can call it an incident, but it did make you the happiest you’ve ever felt, and probably ever will feel — Master Harvey and Master Todd gave you a permanent spot on their “Pleasure Staff”, a team that works day and night to pleasure their Masters (If you can call it work, I mean, you do seem like you have a ton of fun while doing it.)

You immediately get to work, sucking Master Todd’s nice and juicy cock. And your reward for this? A tasty load of cum! This is the perfect life!

The End