Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Clarice...)

“Sorry, I’m not really that hungry anymore and I have heaps of homework to do sooo…”

You quickly adjust your skirt and rush up the stairs to your bedroom. That was strange, you think to yourself. What was up with them?

You sit on your double bed and your mind wanders to the last time you slept with Dan in that very bed. What a night! It started off with a kiss but escalated quickly. You remember your brother banging on the wall for you to shut up. You remember having to wash the bloody, cum-stained sheets. Without thinking, you pick up your phone and text Dan.

Emma: Hey babe. I miss u sooo much. Come back to me. Plz??

Dan: Awww baby was thinking bout u 2. I was thinking bout u touching urself

You are surprised by his reply, especially as he broke up with you only the other day. Nevertheless, you are excited because it might mean you could get back together! And getting back together means great back-together sex! You decide to try something a little bit naughty.

Emma: I came so hard last night thinking about you. It’s a pity my hands aren’t nearly as good as the real thing.

Almost immediately, you get a reply.

Dan: I can’t imagine ever coming as hard as I did when you have me that blowjob back in December.

You smile at the memory of your Christmas present to him. Beginning to feel a small wet patch in your panties, you try something slightly outrageous.

Emma: I’m going to slowly trace my lips over yours, softly massaging them. Then I’m going to kiss you — from your lips, to your neck ,down to your chest, down to your cock. But, I’m not going to take it straight into my mouth. I’m going to keep kissing it until you beg me for more. Maybe when you’re on your knees begging for mercy, I might.

A reply doesn’t arrive for another few minutes. You begin to think that you’ve been a little too outrageous. Suddenly, a reply flashes across the screen.

Dan: Tell me more

Almost out of ideas you wrack your brain and throw off your clothes before placing on a small, g-string black thong.

Emma: This is all for you.

You attach a picture of yourself in this outfit with the text. You make sure that the light falls on the right place, onto your supple, tender breasts and highlights your perky, pink nipples. Another text appears.

Dan: B there in 5