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(Everybody Wants You, continued by daisiesandcock...)

“I want to serve you,” you proudly admit.

“Ha ha… what?” Lust gets a confused look on her face.

“I’ve always wanted to leave behind my stress-filled life for a simpler life,” you tell her. “A life like a servant’s life, so simple and stress-free.”

“You… you do realize what this would entail, right?” Lust asks. “You would have to follow my every command, you would have to do all of my chores, you would have to please me whenever I need you to. Do you really want that?”

“Yes, Lust. As far as I can tell, I’m miserable without an owner. So please, Lust, please!” You kneel down and beg. “Please be my owner!”

“I…” Lust stares at you, speechless. “You’re sure about this?”

“Yes. I don’t want to resist, either, so I want you to remove any and all resistance from my mind. Can you please do that?”

“Yes, of course I can!” She raises her hand, and suddenly her pointer finger stretches out, almost like it’s mechanical. She holds it beside your left ear. “Okay Emma, I want you to calm your mind.” She slowly inches her finger closer to your ear. “Don’t think about anything stressful. Just think about how happy you will be, being my slave.”

“Mmm…” you moan, completely and utterly calm. Lust knows you are calmed down, and quickly pushes her finger into your ear. However, you are not fazed by this; you are completely calm. Her finger makes its way to your brain, and multiplies into five other fingers, covering your brain. They slowly reprogram it to think that serving Lust is the thing that brings you the most happiness. Of course, you already knew that. You just wanted to make sure there was no part of you that doubted that.

After a while, her finger slowly exits your head, and goes back to Lust’s hand.

“Emma…” you can hear Lust say, despite it sounding a tiny bit muffled. You can see Lust, but she’s very blurry. “Emma, wake up.” Your vision clears, and your hearing goes back to normal. You see Lust staring at you. “Emma, do you like your new outfit? I picked out everything on it just for you.”

You look at your body, still kneeling down on the ground. Lust has dressed you in a traditional maid’s uniform, with black socks that go to the base of your legs. Your panties are gone, and the only thing you’re wearing below your hips besides those socks is a small black-and-white miniskirt, about as short as a soda bottle. You are also wearing a black and white blouse that exposes most of your cleavage. Lust has also given you a traditional maid’s hat.

“M… Mistress?” you ask, facing towards Lust.

“Yes Emma, it’s me, Mistress Lust,” she boasts. “Don’t forget, you can also call me Owner.”

“O-oh! Yes! I remember now!” You jump up and hug Mistress Lust. “Hello, Mistress!”

“Hello, Emma.” Mistress Lust grabs your hand. “Okay, are you ready to start your new, peaceful life as my servant?”

“Of course, Mistress! Anything for you!”

Mistress Lust walks you out of the strip club, and teleports you both to her mansion. She immediately asks you to clean up the living room, and you immediately start doing it.

Welcome to your amazing new life, Emma!

The End