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(Everybody Wants You, continued by Tracy...)

“I want everyone on the planet except for me to be at least ten inches, thick, and fertile. Also, make me permanently a tight, small, teen, and a baby factory,” you demand ecstatically.

Lust raises her eyebrows and says, “Okay,” as she snaps her fingers, “I’ve also made it a utopia, and you’re the queen. Everyone bows to you. There’s a few other surprises as well.” Lust says this, and you wake up.

Your bed is a pristine red, and the softest thing you’ve felt in a long time. You would try to ignore the morning grogginess, but there is none. You go to the balcony on the left side of the room, and see the beauty you rule. Lush green, with calling birds, with people, men, on the streets strolling about. You explore your residence a bit more. You hesitate to call it a house, because you’re so high in the air.

You’re also a bit shorter. In the mirror, there’s you, but slimmer, with thinly veiled freckles on your face. Added to this is baby-soft skin under the red bra and black shorts. You enter a room down the marble halls, and see your best friend Claudia and her apparent lovers — three black men, with no hair anywhere, and cocks larger than your forearm.

“Holy shit,” you mutter, and she looks smugly at you and says, “You like?”

One of the men walks towards you, graps you, lifts you up, pins you to the wall, and begins to use you as a human fleshlight. You are very, very tight, and feel every inch of his massive rod. You can barely breathe as he seems to be poking your insides with an edgeless sword. Any attempt to move is useless, and you’re not loosening up any. The pain is surreal, but your pussy seems unable to loosen. His face shows no emotion. No pleasure or satisfaction. Just a blank face, with a massive cock. He isn’t taking it slow either. He thrusting at a mile a minute, and you start to enjoy it.

After eight minutes and two orgasms with you he cums up your pussy, and leaves the room. You collapse to the ground, exhausted, and even after being raped and knocked up, you feel happy. As if something was filled in you, figuratively, and definitely literally. You sit propped up against the wall.

In just a few minutes, your breasts are noticeably larger, your nipples puff up, and most notably, your belly is large. You look to be at least seven to eight months pregnant, but it’s been a few minutes at most. The most likely cause is the ‘breeding factory’ part of the wish.

After a few more seconds, you feel a contraction. But this isn’t pain. It’s very pleasurable. One of Lust’s little suprises. You give birth to a black boy, who is immediately taken by the man who just fucked you. At least, you think it was him.