Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Emily...)

You feel so horny after this that you decide to wait for people who are coming from lunchtime. After about ten minutes you see about two thousand people running for you. These people have come thanks to a TV news bulletin that broadcast the whole time you were getting “raped.”

The fucking starts again, and people are mostly quite good at waiting their turn, but a few fights break out in the lineup. There’s a heavy police presence and a helicopter overhead to stop things getting too much out of control.

Hundreds of people cum and go, leaving you drenched in sperm across the dented hood of some poor bastard’s Mercedes. After a few hours you don’t feel quite so horny any more, and a while later you pass out.

When you wake up you find yourself hanging naked from a tower by your hands. It’s getting dark and cold.

There’s a lever beneath you that is used for getting you down so people can fuck you. It’s quite ingenious, really.