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(Everybody Wants You, continued by LilyRose...)

In addition to a quick pregnancy, you are also healing from the birth rather quickly. And not even fifteen minutes later you are back on your feet again.

You decide to explore your new world some more. You wave to your best friend Claudia before walking down the hallway some more. As you are walking, a hand comes down on your ass and squeezes it. You turn around to find a tall, built man with a huge, erect penis. It is clearly bigger than the man who fucked you last time. And it makes you really wet.

“Come with me, my queen. I have a gift for you,” he whispers huskily into your ear. He slips his hand down between your legs and starts fingering your tight pussy. You moan, spreading your legs wider for him. He sucks on your neck, leaving a bright red hickey behind.

Before you know it, you are pinned to the floor, his cock at your slippery entrance. He slams into you, causing you to scream in pleasure. He isn’t gentle. He pounds into you relentlessly. His lust-filled eyes stare deep into your own while his balls slap your asshole. You wrap your legs around his waist, pushing him deeper into your tiny pussy. He starts fucking your harder and harder and you cum twice before he is anywhere near ready to explode his seed inside you.

You soon hear footsteps and look up to see who has walked in on your fuck session. Claudia and several of the men from earlier are standing over you. Each of them is masturbating.

You could always give them a show, or you could let them join in.