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(Everybody Wants You, continued by twistedsister...)

Quickly gathering your clothes together, you rush out of the room without so much as a goodbye. Once outside, you quickly get yourself dressed, only realizing when it’s too late that you forgot to pick up your panties. “Screw it,” you whisper.

Chances are if you went back to Mister Perkins he’d want to pick up where you left off, but you’re sure any more excitement and his heart will give in and you’re not having that responsibility hanging over your head. So now you’re standing on the streets you try to debate your next move.

Part of you is desperate to fix whatever is going on but the other part of you, the part buried deep down, is kind of curious to see what else could happen. Dan is now the furthest thing from your mind.

Deciding that you want to go to a quiet place to think, you head to the senior center to visit your Grandpa. He’s always been your safe place, one of your favorite people in the whole world, so maybe he can help you make sense of what is happening. So without taking a moment to think it through (like you should) you’re running as fast as your legs will carry you in the direction of the center.

It takes you no time at all to reach the building and you’re thankful to have avoided any admirers on the way.

It’s quiet when you head inside and, after looking at the clock, you know exactly where your Grandpa will be. Peering into his room you smile. The record player is playing some old-time tune, while Grandpa stares out the window. “Hey Gramps!” you sing, hurrying over to him and wrapping your arms around his shoulders.

As you pull away you notice how he looks at you and that he looks a little out of sorts. Then out of nowhere he’s smirking and squeezing you tighter. “That’s your cue, little lady. Get on with the show,” he growls, turning the music up a little more.

“But, Grandpa…” you stutter when you realize what he wants by how he’s looking you up and down.

“Don’t Grandpa me, young lady. You’re getting good pay to strip for me, so get on with it!” he orders, locking his bedroom door. For the first time ever you feel afraid of your Grandpa but at the same time realize it’s the wish making him act like this. Knowing you’re not getting out of this anytime soon you just choose to go along with it, thinking maybe it’ll be over quicker, so you start to dance.

Slowly you peel off your t-shirt and drop it to the floor, swaying your hips seductively. Next, you unhook your bra, getting into the dance now and trying to make it as sexy as you can before exposing your gorgeous globes with their puffy, erect pink nipples.

Grandpa has moved in front of you now as you gyrate your hips and slowly lift your skirt to give him a wonderful view of your cunt. You’re already soaking wet from your activities with Mister Perkins, but now you’re drenched.

Before you know what’s happened, Grandpa has picked you up and thrown you over his desk. His eyes are fixated on your pussy as he unzips his pants and lets them fall to his ankles. His strong hands are on you, moving your knees out of the way, spreading your legs before he leans down and presses his tongue to your love button. His mouth is sucking and licking at your clit and your hole, and you’re writhing against his mouth, feeling your orgasm quickly approaching.

Before you can reach it though he’s back over you, strong hands pulling you to the edge of the desk. His seven-inch, steel-hard cock presses against your cunt and you gasp. No longer are you his grand-daughter, you’re his fuck toy, and you’re ashamed to admit you kind of like it.

In a single, powerful, forceful thrust, all seven inches of him are inside of you. Giving you no time to get used to the size, Grandpa begins to thrust, too overcome with your tightness to take it slow. He is fucking you like he’s out for a day at the races and you do your best to meet his powerful thrusts.

You meet in a passionate kiss, tongues entwined as he continues to fuck you like there’s no tomorrow. You’re approaching climax now, the violence of lovemaking better than anything you’ve felt before and, just as you fall over the edge and explode with an earth shattering orgasm, Grandpa thrusts as deep as he can go, mashing your clit against his pelvic bone. His cock swells and then twitches, bathing your cervix with a warm liquid.

He pulls out of you and smiles, sticking his finger inside of you. “You really do love your Grandpa, don’t you baby girl?” he says, and you just lie there, gasping and trying to figure out what to do next. “Give me a few minutes, Emma, and we can go again!” he adds.

You sit up and look towards the door, biting your lip, trying to decide whether to leave or stay and go for another forbidden round.