Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Sexy_slut...)

“Fuck it!” you think to yourself.

You begin to move your hips and impale yourself onto the dead man’s cock, letting out a loud moan as his semen continues to leak out of your used pussy. You know it’s wrong. But it feels too good to stop.

You bounce back and forth in time to the chimes coming from the phone. You can feel his still-stiff cock hitting you in places your ex-boyfriend Dan could never hit. You can feel each intricate detail and vein from Mister Perkins’ cock, and that really gets you off. You start to rub your clit furiously with one hand, the other teasing your erect nipple.

Never did you think in your life you would be fucking a dead corpse of an old man, and enjoying it, let alone fucking Mister Perkins!

Before long, you realise that you are nearing another orgasm. Fucking Mister Perkins’ dick faster and harder, you bring yourself to a release, letting out a high-pitched moan that you are pretty sure anyone in range could hear.

As your mind starts to focus again, you notice that the phone has stopped ringing, replaced by the sound of someone opening the door.

You panic, stuck on the floor with no means of escaping from the dick wedged in your cunt, pussy juices leaking everywhere. You wonder if it is Juliet, or another horny stranger.