Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Morgana...)

“Oh no, daddy,” you whisper in a childish voice which is audible enough for your brother to hear it. “He doesn’t deserve that privilege. Haven’t you seen how badly he’s been acting these last weeks?”

Right after saying this, you slowly bite your dad’s earlobe, looking playfully at your brother, who cannot look away. Your dad, encouraged by your naughty attitude, fucks you harder, deeper than any other cock you’ve ever taken. You are so wet you can barely think anymore but playing games is your passion and, right now, your desire. While you stare deep into your brother’s eyes you direct your father’s hands to your perky tits and start massaging them slowly, pulling your head back so that your sibling can admire your perfectly sculpted body.

“Come on!” he moans, unbuttoning his trousers and letting them fall onto the ground without losing sight of you. “Emma, you must let me fuck you, I can’t contain myself anymore.”

Biting your cherry lips you begin to moan, feeling the erect cock inside you. You look again at your brother, who doesn’t seem to have any intention of leaving, and moan louder and louder, moving up and down in an attempt to make the cock inside you blend with your pussy.

“Hmm daddy, fuck your little daughter,” you say before you bite his lower lip, still observing your brother, whose massive cock is now in his hands.

“Yes, darling, daddy’s gonna make you squirt!”

“Ahh — hmm,” you continue to moan. “Just there! Yes, yes, oh daddy! Harder! Harder! Yes!”

The inevitable happens and you both cum at the same time. Your dad then starts biting your left nipple when something interrupts him suddenly.