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(Everybody Wants You, continued by Ehhhhh...)

As horny as you are, walking straight up to him isn’t the best idea to your lust filled mind and so you decide to go with the next best thing, spread your legs like an open gate on the lounge like a slut and have him stumble upon you in such a position.

Stripping off your skirt only and leaving everything else on, including your panties, you sexily strut over to the lounge, fully aware that no one can see your efforts at being seductive with swaying your ass as you take each step, but content nonetheless as you view yourself in the mirror close to the lounge.

Wasting no time, you plop your plump round ass onto the lounge and spread your legs so wide that an eagle might be jealous and slide your hand down your panties as you use your index to slide in and out of your slit while your thumb works your throbbing clit. Next thing you know, you’re moaning uncontrollably as you remember all the attention you’ve gotten today and how desirable you are apparently, and yet the only one allowed to have you is yourself… that is until Kieran walks through that door and hopefully fucks your brains out and up the wall all the way into old age for all you care.

After noticing the notable amount of noise coming from within his house, Kieran walks in to see such a sight in front of him. The girl who was almost raped is now fingering herself like mad on his couch without any hint of subtlety, all the while staring right into his unblinking eyes before moving down to his growing cock.

It all seeming like too much, he literally pounces onto or into you (either works really) as he’s now fully French-kissing your mouth, clawing a tit through your shirt fabric and fingering you relentlessly with the same hand that was stroking his cock earlier.