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(Everybody Wants You, continued by lover...)

You lean over and whisper in your mothers ear. “Kiss me, mommy,” you say in a playful voice. You feel her tits bulge against yours and you start to grope them. Your mom takes your ass and starts fondling it with her soft hands.

You can hear your dad grunting and sighing in frustration as he watches this sexy scene of his lover and his daughter making out on the kitchen table top. You decide to take it one step further. You slide your hand up your mother’s long pleated skirt and start to massage her clit. You can hear her moaning as you passionately tongue each other.

It seems like hours of this until your brother comes in for breakfast. He stops dead in his tracks and gasps, before grabbing a stool and starting to wank as he watches you and your mom have lesbian sex with each other.

After a while your mother breaks the kiss and starts to massage your breasts. After a minute or two she takes one in her mouth. While she sucks hard on your tit, you work your fingers between her pussy lips. You slide two fingers up her pussy and start to pumping them in and out.

“Good girl Emma… oh oh oh harder, harder!” screams your mom as you finger-bang her wet, grasping pussy.