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(Everybody Wants You, continued by Seton...)

As you lie on the ground, covered in cum, a man in a black suit and tie leans over you, smiling. The next thing you know, you’re being picked up and carried over to the wall of some shop.

He leans you against it, and you smile, ready to be fucked by his cock. Instead, you hear chains clinking together, and soon you’re chained to the wall, loose enough that you can be put into various different positions, but tight enough that there’s no hope of escape.

“Hey! Let me go!” you yell, not wanting to be a public cum-dumpster for life. The man covers your mouth with his hand and sticks his finger up your pussy, shoving as far up as possible. You moan softly into his hand, as he wriggles it around inside of you.

Smirking, he removes his finger from your cunt and walks away, leaving you bound there.

You begin struggling, but after a few minutes the lunchtime rush of people come barreling down the street, and as the dicks begin entering your pussy, mouth and ass, you resign yourself to your fate.