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(Everybody Wants You, continued by QueenLillly...)

Once you reach the bedroom your ex’s new girlfriend slams you into the wall.

“Spread your legs whore,” she orders and you do what she says, spreading your legs for her. Jennifer pulls your legs up around her curvy hips, slamming the huge strap-on inside your tight and sensitive cunt. You moan loudly as she pounds into you, the entire time calling you a slut. You can’t even hear her over the sounds of the strap-on pounding into you.

Eventually, she carries you off of the wall and throws you onto the bed. She is still fucking you as your ex ties your arms and legs up to the posts of the bed.

“You’re my slut now, bitch,” Jennifer growls, pushing the strap on deeper into you. You scream, the tip of the plastic dick ramming into your young womb.

Dan starts rubbing Jennifer’s breasts as he begins to grind into her ass. She moans, brutalizing your tight vagina even more.