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(Everybody Wants You, continued by Lover-I'm-a-lesbian-I-think...)

You tell your mother that one of the neighbors on your street had agreed to give you a massage today and you quickly move towards the door.

Your mom starts to walk after you and then you realize the door is locked. You turn around. “Mom, can I borrow a set of ke-!”

Your mother pounces at you and ties you to a chair and suddenly starts fondling your breasts. “So big, so sweet, so plump and now they’re all mine! Mine to squeeze forever! My little daughter will be mine finally!”

You never knew your mother felt this way before. She goes under your top and starts to fondle your soft, perky breasts again. About ten minutes later she stops and grabs the phone.

You hear her start talking to someone, saying worrying things like, “they’re huge, you’ll love them,” and “oh, she’s all mine now, we can do whatever we want with her!” You hear her giggle as she puts down the phone and starts passionately tongue-kissing you. You can’t pull back as you are tied to a chair next to the front door.

Soon you hear a knock at the door. Your mother cups your breasts in her hands and says, “You’re a good little girl, aren’t you?” She pulls your chin up and down in a nodding motion, then she opens the door.

You look to see Lacey, one of your mom’s friends. She looks at you and she is instantly mesmerized by your big tits. You pull back, worried about what they are going to do, until Lacey starts to untie you. When you are untied she and your mother start grabbing and groping you. You try to wriggle free, but it’s no use.

Lacey pulls a stripper outfit out of her bag and they both tear your clothes off and stuff your struggling body into it. Your mother tells Lacey she can do whatever she wants. Lacey seems quite entranced by your ass so she grabs it and starts to fondle it. She moans with pleasure and your mom reaches for your tits and you can feel the heat of their bodies just from groping you.