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(Everybody Wants You, continued by NateNateNate...)

“You girls really wanna do it by yourselves?” asks your Dad as he and your and brother stop stroking their cocks and look at you. You stop fingering your mother and she practically jumps on your father, riding him desperately.

Your brother comes up to you. “I wanna fuck your tits, sis.”

You look unsure at first. But your brother has a big dick, and a good tit-fuck may be enough to get him inside you. So you lean forward and spit on his dick, jerk him for a bit and then close your tits around his hard shaft. He thrusts his hips up and grunts.

“Stroke your pussy, sis. I want you to cum too!”

You stroke and finger your wet pussy, turned on by his grunts and the sound of your parents fucking next to you. You feel your brother’s dick twitch as he shouts, “I’m gonna cum!”

He releases his sticky, white load on your face and tits as you squirt on your fingers.

“I want you inside me next…” you whisper.