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(Everybody Wants You, continued by BroLover...)

You stare at your brother’s cock, biting your lip in want. You want that huge cock inside you, you want to feel it stretch your pussy lips then explode inside you. You look into your brother’s eyes as you strip naked, enjoying watching his eyes open wide.

“Whoa Emma, you’re so fucking hot!” he says as you make your way over to him. You sit on his lap and let his cock slowly enter your dripping wet pussy. You moan in pure delight and pleasure as his cock stretches and fills you.

You start to ride your brother as your mother slides her hand into her panties and starts stroking her clit as she watches you. “Honey come up here!” she shouts to your father. You’re not really paying attention, as you focus on fucking your brother. He leans forward and sucks on your nipples.

At that moment your father walks in, he immediately gets hard. “Well we always wanted you two to get along,” your father says as he pulls his cock out and starts stroking it. You turn to look at your parents and get even hornier as you see them pleasuring themselves. “Wanna make this a true family affair?” you ask and they nod.

You wave them over and your dad lines his cock up with your ass, and your mother stands in front of you, her wet pussy in your face. “Fuck me!” you shout and your father plunges into your ass, and your mother pushes her pussy into your face.