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(Everybody Wants You, continued by Trolltoll...)

Your mind races as you think about what Dan will do to you when he gets there. You wait, but five minutes almost seems like an eternity.

You get up and go to the closet. There’s a little organiser in the back corner. That’s where you keep all your toys, lingerie and lube to keep it from prying eyes. You pull out a slinky black bra and panties and quickly change. The bra is made of straps that strategically hold up your breasts with your nipple just barely poking out between two straps. The underwear is made up only of straps that lie on either side of your labia with a strap over your butt. This was Dan’s favorite set.

You also pull out a glass dildo that has a spiral up the shaft and a hooked end, with which he always used to tease your clit.

You take your toy and lie on the bed, sliding the cool glass over your lips and tracing around your nipples with the hooked end. You stop and remember to tie up your hair so that it doesn’t get in the way.

Just then you look up and see Dan in the doorway to your room.

He walks toward you wordlessly and climbs on the bed as you lean back against the headrest. You bend your knees up with your legs apart. The dildo is resting against your vulva.

He comes up between your legs and surges forward to kiss you on the lips before brushing his lips over your nipples and down your stomach to your other lips. He takes the dildo and brushes the small hooked end down your slit, coating it in your wetness.

He spreads your legs further apart so that now your lips have parted and your clitoris is on full display. He uses the end to trace around it, teasing you. He drags the end down towards your vagina before pushing it back up hard against your clit. You gasp in surprise.

Dan replaces the dildo with his mouth, heading straight for your clit. He moves forward and gently flicks it with his tongue once, then twice. Then he suddenly starts wildly flicking the tip of his tongue at an almost impossible speed. He knows this drives you crazy, and you arch your back and moan, grabbing handfuls of the sheets and twisting.

Then he stops.

“What are you doing?” you ask, a little disappointed.

“I want to make this last,” he answers.

He picks up the dildo again, brushing it along the inside of your thighs, enough to keep you excited while giving you time to back off from the edge of orgasm.

Then he rubs the shaft of the dildo up and down your slit, the raised glass spiral teasing your twitching clit. He rests it at the entrance of your vagina and puts his whole mouth over your clit, sucking and licking it as he pushes the dildo up your vagina, twist in it as he pumps it in and out and sucks on your clit.

Once again you’re writing in ecstasy, just about to go over the edge when he stops.

“Not again” you whine, to which he replies, “I want to get something out of this too you know.”

He stands up and unzips his pants, revealing his sizeable member which is standing fully at attention.

He climbs on top of you again and kisses you deeply one more time, then starts to suck on his favorite nipple. He knows that this really gets you going.

Without stopping he reaches down to rub the head of his cock against your pussy, which is drooling in anticipation. He comes up to kiss you one more time as he buries his dick in your vagina as far as it will go.

You moan with excitement as he pumps in and out slowly, then faster. He moves his head to bite your neck as you wrap your arms and legs around him.

Finally your body is racked by the tremors of the biggest orgasm you’ve ever had. You scream in pleasure as your vagina squeezes and releases. This is too much for Dan who comes with a groan, only adding to your ecstasy. You both lie there for a moment, panting.