Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Emma...)

You have no idea what you’re doing, but it feels right, you lean in and kiss your mother passionately.

She responds to your kiss and with skillful hands she deftly unbuttons your skirt and let her fingers slide in under your panties, touching your pussy, still wet from your father’s touch.

You gasp for air as you feel your mother’s fingers softly caressing your pussy. You spread your legs slightly to let her find her way more easily and she lets one of her cool long fingers slide into your warm tender pussy.

“What’s going on?” you think to yourself. First your father and now your mother. This day is starting really crazy.

Then all of a sudden, just when you’re starting to relax and enjoy her touch, she stops and pulls away. “I think I hear your father coming back,” she says, blushing and hastily buttoning her shirt and arranging her hair.

You quickly button your skirt and finish setting the breakfast table. When your father enters the kitchen he beams of happiness and looks at you with ill-concealed desire.

“Well well!” he says, “I do have an appetite this morning. It smells lovely dear.” The last comment directed to your mother but without taking his eyes from you.

“You go ahead and start dear,” says your mother, “I think I need to go and wash my hands too.” Then she slips off to the bathroom, quietly rubbing her hand between her legs.