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(Everybody Wants You, continued by Emma...)

You’d never thought you’d ask your own mother to go down on you, but somehow this morning it feels like the most normal thing in the world. “Yes! Please mother!” you whisper, “Eat me out, like I was cheap take away! I want you to lick my pussy, I want it so bad!”

You spread your legs up high in the air, and your mother leans her head in between them. You feel her soft hair against the inner of your thighs as she slowly let her tongue lap against your slit, opening it up.

“Mmm, Emma you taste so good!” she moans and you feel she’s picking up speed as she’s getting more and more excited. “I’d never thought anything or anyone could taste so good.”

And you never thought your mother could be such a good cunt eater. “Deeper,” you whisper, “deeper!” and you feel her tongue plunging deeper into your pussy, licking harder and harder and faster and faster, sending shivers of joy through your whole body.

You grab your mother’s head and push her towards you, face-fucking her violently on the bathroom floor until you feel a great surging orgasm sweep through your body and with one last great thrust you bury your mother’s head between your legs, almost smothering her with your wet pussy.

You let out a shrill shriek and for a moment it feels as if the bathroom is spinning and you let go of her, both of you panting heavily.

Afterwards you lie panting on the bathroom floor, your legs spread and your mother still slowly lapping your pussy juices, eagerly as if it was the ambrosia of the gods. “Mmmmm, Emma!” you hear her murmur as if in a distant realm. “You taste so good!” It seems like she never want to stop.

After a while you both come to your senses. “Maybe we should get dressed and join dad for breakfast, I bet he wonders where we went.”

You feel the taste of your own pussy in her mouth as you kiss passionately and in a weird way it really turns you on.