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(Everybody Wants You, continued by Klol...)

Your father’s fingers slide away from your pussy as you get up and strut towards the kitchen, indignant. It feels even worse knowing that your Dad is probably looking at your ass as you walk away.

“Mom, we have to talk.”

She turns around from the basin and, very matter-of-factly, asks, “Yes? About what?”

“It’s Dad. He’s…”

“He’s what? You should really learn to speak up. Looks aren’t everything, you know”, she says, taking off her apron. Your eyes can’t help but drop to her rather open cleavage for a second.

“Well, go on, I haven’t got all day.”

“He… he touched me inappropriately,” you say softly, looking away from your mother’s gaze.

“What?” she asks, more confused than outraged. “What do you mean?”

“I was sitting on his lap and — ”

“ — and I tried to show how much I love my beautiful young daughter,” your Dad says, walking into the kitchen with a look of bemusement on his face.

“That’s so sweet, honey,” your mother smiles at him. He walks over to her and embraces her in a deep kiss. You see his hand grabbing on to her ass as he starts kissing her neck. Finally, your mother looks at you.

“See Emma, this is how people show love. One would think you’d know that at your age,” she says curtly.

“Give her a break, she’s still a kid. I mean, I don’t know any kids who dress like that, but yeah,” your Dad comments. Your mom laughs.

“Mom, but — ”

“Jesus Christ, stop arguing. Can you just try to participate in this family a little more? You know, most girls would be happy to have such a loving father.”

Your eyes meet his. Undeniably, there’s a certain immutable kindness in his eyes.

“So. Are you just going to stand there or are you going to make nice with your Dad?” Your mom beckons to you.

You slowly walk towards him as he leans forward. You look up and see his face inches from yours.

“Go on,” you hear your mother, “show him you love him.”

Your eyes drop to the shade of red around his mouth from your mom’s lipstick.

You close your eyes and kiss him. It’s very gentle and loving at first, building slowly. His hands first hold you close, then drop lower, slowly, to your waist. His tongue flicks over your lips ever so briefly. You find yourself kissing back, and awkwardly moving your hands over his broad back. His hands close in on your ass and squeeze — you open your mouth to gasp and soon you two are French kissing. After a couple of minutes, he pulls away, but not before giving your ass a light pat.

“Now was that so hard?” your mom asks, smiling.

Your eyes drop to the fairly obvious erection in his pants.

“Hmm”, your mother notices, “maybe it is hard. What do you think, honey?” she asks him while rubbing her hand over the front of his trousers. Your dad is just looking at you.

“What about you, baby?” your mom asks, “you want some of this?”

She whips out his dick and points it at you while stroking it. It’s definitely a big cock; the biggest you’ve seen. You can’t help but gulp.

“Well, I definitely want it; I don’t know about you.” Your mom gets on her knees and immediately starts sucking your dad’s dick. Your dad moans and puts his large hands in your mother’s blonde hair, holding her warm, wet mouth on his dick as she sucks him. It is definitely hot.

You go down on your knees beside your mom. There’s saliva bubbling and dripping out of her mouth. You’re really impressed with her technique, though. No teeth, deep-throating, licking the underside of the penis, and the rhythm.

She pulls it out of her mouth, gasping for air and smiling.

“Go on, you can do it,” she says. She kisses you on your lips.

You take the dick in your hands. It’s definitely much bigger up close (shocking). Long, you think. And thick. Your hand can’t even wrap around it entirely.

“I’m so proud of you, baby,” he says looking at you.

“Thank you, Daddy.”

You open wide and take the dick in your mouth. At first, you can only fit in the head. As you keep sucking and licking him, you go further and further down his cock. You decide you can try to deep-throat him now. You hold his ass and pull him towards you. You can go a little over halfway down his dick before gagging. But you keep it inside you, trying to push it deeper. You barely notice your mom stripping down and hugging you from behind.

“Yes, that’s a good girl” she whispers in your ear. You can feel her soft lips on your ear. Her cool hands move up inside your shirt and reach your boobs. She massages them and pulls your nipples while you suck your dad’s dick, looking into his eyes. One of her hands moves down to your pussy and starts rubbing you there. You feel her tongue in your ear.

He pulls his dick out of your mouth, leaving you gasping for air.

“Need some pussy, baby?” your mother asks him sweetly.