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(Everybody Wants You, continued by Klol...)

You snicker as you shuffle into a darkened alleyway and find a dusty old TV set that you sit on.

So. What the fuck just happened?

You know you weren’t hallucinating. You could see how this condition you’ve developed, where everyone wants to fuck you, was connecting you to the whole world. Who else could possibly feel how you do? Who else is so desperately desired?

You dust off some of the dried cum from your fingers. You still have a salty taste in your mouth, but you don’t really mind.

For some reason, the second that man came on you, everyone forgot about it. Maybe, you think, if you have enough sex you’ll be free of this thing. The rational part of your mind definitely thinks you should do what you can to free yourself, unlike your more animalistic side.

The sound of footsteps alerts you that someone’s coming. A silhouette becomes clearer until you see that there’s a shabby old, portly man standing in front of you.

“Excuse me, Miss, but who are you and why aren’t you covered?” he asks in a gravelly but kindly voice.

“I’m Emma, and I just kind of lost of my shirt. You know, actually, that’s bullshit. A man tore it off me while fucking me in the street.”

“Oh my, that’s terrible! So unfortunate,” he says as he pats your cheek caringly.

“I know,” you say glumly.

“No, I mean, it’s just so unfortunate; it breaks my heart. To force oneself on someone, especially someone as beautiful as you.” His fingers graze your lips.

“Excuse me?” This guy doesn’t actually think you’ll fuck him, does he?

His version of an answer is to struggle with his pants zip and pull out a shrivelled semi-erect dick and low hanging testicles. Immediately, you’re hit with a urine-like odor that makes you screw up your nose.

You look at him. He just has this dead-eyed smile on his face.

“Will you suck my dick, Miss?”

You see it now. The threads. Pulling him to you, and you to him. It was these threads that brought him here in this darkened alley.

You reach out and grab his dick and start stroking it.

“Suck it, please.”

You nod and spit on his dick. It’s growing, but slowly. You realize that this guy is probably never going to be fully hard and so you put your mouth on his dick. With a dick in your mouth, you can’t help but breathe in the horrible odor through your nose. You bob your head up and down on it and start massaging his drooping balls with your hand.

“Yes,” he grunts, placing his hands on your head.

You start sucking him harder and harder, and his cock grows to quite a reasonable size. He starts face-fucking you and then pulls out.

You get up and lift one of your legs up, pulling your panties aside with your hand. He keeps you against the wall, places his dick at your entrance and pushes it forward. Soon, he’s humping you rapidly against a wall.

Finally, he pulls you really close, gives three deep thrusts and cums inside you. You feel the warm sperm flowing into you, and some leaking out after he pulled out. You collapse to the ground and relax.

As expected, the man looks really confused and walked away muttering to himself. The problem is it’s already dark and you have to get back home (how else will life continue?) On the other hand, you can’t live normally under this curse anyway. Moreover, who are you going to call to take you back home?

You notice the newspaper on the ground in front of you. The headline reads, “PROSTITUTION LEGALIZED.”