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(Everybody Wants You, continued by Klol...)

It’s amazing it took you that long to come up with this plan. You stop smiling and look deep into your brother’s eyes.

You stand up and do your best slow, sexy walk towards him. Maintaining eye contact, you swing your leg over his and then sit down on his lap, with his hard dick poking you between the legs. You adjust your hair, inch closer to him, and then rest your hands on the back of his neck. He’s transfixed.

“What you have to do is just this. There is this person, Jennifer, who stole my boyfriend from me. I’ll give you her details. You have to find her and then fuck her.”

“I have to what-”

“Shh”, you whisper, placing a finger on his quivering lips. “You’re not going to make love to her. You’re going to fuck her rough. Do whatever you want. You’re going to punish her for what she made your sister go through. You will do this, won’t you?”

He nods slowly. You feel his rock hard erection getting even harder. You smile.

“And now, for the show”, you grin, turning on some music. He gulps. You get up from his lap, turn around and sit down again. You slowly grind your butt against his dick, eliciting a very sincere (read: pathetic) moan. He tries to grab your tits but you swat his hand away.

“No touching, baby,” you whisper in his ears.

After some more grinding, you get up and shake your ass in front of his face. Your ex-boyfriend Dan used to love your ass, you remember. Still facing away, you pull your skirt down with a wiggle and step out of it.

You turn around and see your brother has picked up the skirt and it sniffing it deeply.

You start unbuttoning your shirt to the beat while your brother slowly beats himself off. He’s trying to make it last, God bless his soul.

Finally, your shirt comes off and your brother’s jaw drops at the sight of your breasts. You smirk as you throw the shirt at his face and start playing with your boobs.

You sit on his lap and start grinding him while also smothering his face in your cleavage.

Looking up at you, he says, “Seriously, sis, I’ll do anything you fucking want. I’ll find this Jennifer bitch and make her pay.”

That was so sweet that you kiss your brother on his lips. You hold his face in your hands and make out with him really deeply when he moans and shudders. You feel like the inside of your thighs is all wet. You get up and notice that he’s ejaculated.

“What the fuck!”

“Oh, my God Emma, I’m so sorry…”

“You just came on me! That from just a kiss?”

“What’s going on in here?” You hear your dad as he walks into the room.

After a really, really awkward pause, your brother croaks, “Emma was just giving me a strip show.”

“And he came! By just watching!” you exclaim. Your dad snickers.

“Really, son?” he asks him not a little rudely.

“Well, she was kissing me too,” he defends.

“Much better”, your dad comments, “now you’re a real man.”

You can’t help but laugh.

“Emma, I’ve tried and failed to make a man out of this wuss. Now he cums from kissing,” your dad says as he walks over behind you. As he hugs you, you feel a massive boner pressing into your back.

“Why don’t we two show this pussy how a real man fucks a woman?”