Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Klol...)

You stand up in front of your dad in his chair and your mom, holding his cock, on the floor. He still has his pleading look in his eyes. It’s pathetic and you try your best to show your disappointment.

“So, you’ve never been this hard, huh, Dad?” you ask softly.

“Baby, I really want you,” he replies.

“Okay. You know what, Dad? Yes. We can do it. We can fuck. Regularly. Sure.”

Your parents share a look of amazement and happiness.

“Baby,” your dad starts, “thank you so much. You really are the best —”

“There’s only one condition,” you interrupt. “You’re going to be my bitch.”

“Your bitch?” your mom asks.

“I get it,” your dad says softly. You smile.

“So? Are you going to be my bitch, or will you spend the rest of your life fantasizing about me while fucking your wife?”

Both of them are quiet. This might mean that your father isn’t up to it, but the fact is, his erection is even bigger now.

You smile at him lightly.

“I’ll do it,” he whispers.

“I’ll do it, what?” you ask with a grin.

“I’ll do it… Mistress,” he says, his dick pulsating in the air.

“It looks like we have a deal, bitch”, you say and plop down on his lap, “I’m so happy we’re doing this, Daddy.”

“Me too, sweetheart.”

“As my bitch, the first thing you have to do is fuck me right now with my mom watching. Show her how she’s never going to get fucked in her life.”

Your mother gets up. “Now, is that really necessary? I mean —”

“Shut up woman,” your dad says, shooting her a look, “and sit down.”

You pull your dad in for a deep kiss before turning around to look at your mom and saying, “Pay attention, Mom.”

Your dad pulls your panties aside and pushes his dick inside you. Both of you sigh and moan together. With his hands on your waist, he’s fucking you very deep. You hold on to his broad shoulders and ride his dick nice and hard. You pull yourself closer to his body and breathe into his ear, “Tell her.”

He immediately starts telling your mom, “Fuck, honey this is the best sex I’ve ever had. She’s so fuckin’ tight, not to mention super hot. You can forget about sex from me for a while, that’s for sure.”

You look at your mother and she’s — amazingly — masturbating. She’s got two fingers stuffed down her pants and another hand pulling her nipples.

“Look at her, she’s enjoying this!”

Your dad grins and your mom keeps masturbating with a smile.

You hump your dad harder and harder, and tell him to shoot his load over your mom. When he’s close, you jump off him and he covers your mom’s body in cum. You can tell she’s fighting back tears.

“Thank you, Mistress,” your dad says with a smile.

“You’re welcome, bitch,” you grin, “now just eat the cum off Mom’s body.”

Laughing, you walk away to get a shower. This is going to be fun.