Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Kklol...)

As you shower, you think about all the mischievous ways you can exploit this new reality. The most obvious, of course, is to finally get your dad to buy you all the shit you’ve ever wanted. And he wants to have some fun in exchange, so be it.

You towel off and dress as sluttily as you can with the clothes you have. You decide against wearing a bra but do put on a pair of cute white cotton panties. You take out this little black dress which you used to fit you a few years ago. After some effort, you’ve pulled it over your body. You can feel the fabric tightly hugging your curves. The outline of your breasts is clearly visible in the mirror — nipples too. You turn around and bend down — you can easily see your panties. To finish it off, you wear a black choker around your neck, lip gloss, and a pair of six inch heels. You can’t help but grin, thinking about how desperately people are going to want you.

As you strut out of your room and into the living room, you see your parents all dressed up. You shoot your dad a glance.

“I did as you asked, Mistress,” he says, “I licked all the cum off my wife.”

“Good boy. Now bring your credit card. We’re going shopping for clothes.”

All along the way, you tease your dad to make sure he’s super horny and desperate. You start by stroking him and then sucking him but you make sure he doesn’t cum. By the time you reach the shops he’s too flustered to think straight and his boner is plainly obvious.

“Come, we’re going to buy lingerie” you say.

At the lingerie store, you can see his situation is getting much worse. You giggle.

“How’s this, Daddy?” you ask him in a baby voice. “Does this look good?”

You’re holding a very sexy black lace bra in front of your chest.

“Ma’am,” you hear a female voice, “I think this one might be better for you.”

A very attractive sales lady walks up to you holding a pair of red underwear. She takes the black bra from you and presses the red one on your chest. Her hand caresses your breasts as she steps very close to you. You can smell the sweet perfume on her and its very heady.

“For someone as curvy as you,” continues the sales rep, “this would be the right choice. Really bring out those assets.”

“Yeah?” you ask her softly.

Her hands move down and around to your butt. She squeezes each cheek and nods, biting her lip.

“Fuck, yeah” she whispers.

Although this sales rep is really sexy, you’re not sure if it’s safe to fuck her here. Moreover, you have some more shopping to do too. On the other hand, it could be really fun and you might also get a discount.