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(Everybody Wants You, continued by Bailey Swordstone...)

Your mom lifts her hands from your pussy and sticks her juice-covered finger in your mouth. The two of you rub your pussies together, your clits throbbing.

“Can I piss on you?” she asks, and before you answer, a strong flow of golden piss gushes out of her hole and hits your clit directly. You moan loudly and grind your pubis even harder against hers as her pee covers your vagina and thighs. You spread open your pussy lips with your fingers and start pissing on her, too, aiming for her hole. Now, you’re both shooting hot piss right up into each other’s pussies.

When her flow stops, your mom fingers herself and squirts all over your piss-soaked legs. Then, she lowers herself down again and violently sucks on your clit. You scream and squirt again, all over her face. She lifts herself up and straddles you on the couch, her quivering vag right above your face. Without warning, she crams herself onto your mouth and grinds. You stick your tongue out and let her rock her slick vagina back and forth across your mouth.

As she’s still face-fucking you, she starts to piss again, spraying it all over you face. You spit it out and turn your face away, but she grabs your head and lowers herself further onto your mouth, now an even harder stream spewing out.

“I’m cumming! I’m peeing and cumming at the same time!” you hear her shout from above you. You just now realize that you’re cumming as well, without your pussy even being touched. You gingerly lap up the excess pee from your mother’s crotch and push yourself back up into a sitting position.

You sigh and start to stand up. “Well, Mom, that was fun… But I really should go now-”

“No,” she stops you in your tracks and lays you back down, her fingers suddenly cramming into your sore pussy. “More.”

“Mom, no,” you plead, but the woman just adds more fingers, stretching you open so wide it starts to hurt. “Mom! Stop!”