Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by klol...)

You caress her arms, look at her name tag, and whisper back, “Hey, Amanda, you look like you really know your fashion. How about you come with us to the changing room and tell me how I look in this?”

She smirks, whispering in your ear, “The changing room is risky, babe. How about we just go to the toilet and fuck? I’ll even let you use my employee discount for the clothes.”


Surreptitiously, you three make it into a stall in the toilet on that floor. Almost immediately, Amanda starts kissing you hard and feeling up your curves. Her hands feel nice on your body as you squirm against the wall.

“This is safe, right?” you hear your dad ask.

“This happens all the time, Daddy-o,” Amanda says, “now take off your clothes and just keep quiet.”

“No,” you say authoritatively, “he just gets to watch. He can play with himself if he wants, though.”

Amanda looks at you and then at your dad before smiling. “Freaky,” she says, “I like it!”

You take off your clothes and sit on the toilet seat, while the now-naked Amanda kneels before you and your dad is jerking off in the corner. She looks at you seductively as she spreads your legs and moves her mouth closer to your glistening pussy.

She starts with gentle kisses around your pussy — along your inner thighs. One of her hands reaches up and grabs your breast, massaging it, and the other one is buried between her legs. Your left hand is playing with your other breast, and the other one is on the back of Amanda’s head. You close your eyes and moan softly. Her kisses become a little stronger as your feel her lips sucking on your thighs and coming closer to your cunt. You bite your lip. After a pause, you feel a very soft tongue gliding over your pussy lip. You open your legs further, begging for her mouth. She pinches your nipple as she starts licking your pussy a little hungrily. You pull her face closer to your cunt as she buries her tongue inside you, making you arch your back and squeal. You move your hand from your breast and start rubbing your clit hard as she eats you out like an animal. With her hand playing with your boobs, you feel your climax building steadily as you grind your pelvis against her beautiful face. You’re on the edge of orgasm when you clench her face with your thighs and bite your fist to avoid screaming as she keeps eating you.

As your body relaxes, you sigh and smile the widest grin you have in days. This girl knows what she’s doing. You lean forward and kiss Amanda deeply and lovingly, holding her face in your hands. When you break the kiss, Amanda says, “My turn!”

You get off the toilet seat and Amanda gets up.

“I want fingers, though,” she says cutely.

“Your call, babe,” you say as she takes her seat.

Meanwhile, your dad’s still been playing with his dick. “You’re so pathetic,” you tell him, which makes Amanda laugh out loud.

You kneel in front of her and yank her legs apart. Amanda grins at you. You raise your hand to her as she opens her mouth and sucks each of your fingers nicely so that they’re covered in her saliva. Then you force your entire hand in her mouth which she readily sucks as well.

“Good girl,” you say, letting your inner domme show a little.

You place two wet fingers at her pussy entrance and push them inside as Amanda closes her eyes and stifles a moan. Her hands are playing with her boobs — pinching and pulling. You begin steadily fucking her cunt with two fingers as she starts grinding her hips too. Soon, you slide another wet finger in.

“Fuck…” Amanda says as some saliva drips out of her open mouth. Her hands are in her hair as she leans back on the toilet seat.

After some time, you slowly try to push your entire hand inside her. She immediately leans forward, gasping, “No! Fuck! That’s too-”

“Ssh,” you tell her, putting a finger on her lips, “trust me.”

You both lock eyes as you slowly start fisting her and she starts moaning. In the background, you hear your dad, “Fuck.”

“Holy FUCK this is amazing,” Amanda says.

“Isn’t it?”

“Fuck me, baby. Fucking fist my cunt open. Tear it apart!”

“Yes!” you say as you start fisting her hard. With your other hand, you pull her face down and start French kissing her. After some time, you feel her body spasm as she screams into your mouth. You feel her pussy clench hard around your hand as she orgasms. When it’s done, you pull your hand out and smile at her. She starts laughing.

“That was amazing!” she says sincerely.

“I know, babe,” you wink at her.

Both of you then look at your dad, who seems to be approaching climax.

“Still not done, old man?” Amanda asks him, “these two hotties weren’t enough for your weak ass dick?”

You laugh at how your domme side is catching on.

“Here,” Amanda continues, “maybe this will help.”

She pulls you in for a kiss and it’s all tongue. Honestly, it’s super hot and it’s no surprise that, in a few seconds, you hear your dad groan as he cums all over the floor.

You break your kiss and ask Amanda, “Want to see something cool?”

She looks confused but happy.

“Hey, slave,” you address your dad, “clean this cum off.”

He doesn’t react.

“Now,” you say and he falls to his knees, licking his cum off the floor.

“What the fuck…” Amanda says as you giggle.

Soon, you’re in the car with your new clothes with your dad. “So, Mistress,” your dad asks you tentatively, “what else do we need to buy?”

“Sex toys, of course.”