Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by thxBYE...)

As soon as the guard closes the door behind the three of you, you collapse on your knees and start crying.

“Miss!” the guard shouts, “what happened?”

With your face in your hands, you shake your head and keep crying.

“Miss, please stand up. It’s going to be okay, please. Up!” the guard says sternly yet caringly. With his hands on your shoulders, he helps you up. As soon as you’re on your feet, you face the guard and keep whimpering.

“Miss, please tell me what happened?” he asks you with a hand on your chin.

“Daddy… he,” you begin, hiccupping, “He touched me!”

With that, you hug the guard hard and wail into his chest. He smells absolutely hideous.

“The fuck…” your dad begins.

“Sir, please,” the guard warns your dad before asking you to elaborate.

“H-He does this all the time. He asks me to put on a sh-show for him and th-then he r-rapes me!” you say.

“Jesus Christ,” your dad says. You really do feel a little sorry, but you know you have to save your own ass in this world.

“Sir,” the guard begins, “quiet. We’re just going to watch the tapes the confirm the story and see what to —”

“The tapes?” you ask him.

“Yes, the tapes. We’re allowed to have cameras in changing rooms in this State for just something like this. There’s proof, now.”

“You want to see him fuck me?” you ask him, trying to mask your terror with outrage.

“Ma’am, we cannot do anything without proof. And trust me, we’ll only see as much as is necessary for your safety. Mark! Show the tapes for the room in La Lingerie, we have a possible rape victim here! Ma’am, please take a seat.”

“Sure thing, Pete!”

Barely aware of your surroundings, you take a seat on the bare table in the middle of the room. You’ve stopped fake-crying now. It’s all going to come crashing down. You need to think fast.

On a computer along one wall of the room, the tape starts playing and you have a sinking feeling in your stomach. Everything can be seen clearly. The jerking off. The abuse — verbal and physical. The ruined orgasm and cleaning.

After it stops, the room is dead silent.

Pete the guard turns your chair around so you’re facing him. Well, you’re facing his crotch since he’s standing up. He has an erection.

“Are you serious?” he asks you.

You just look up at him expressionlessly.

“You’re a sick freak,” he says, spitting out the last two words, “and you were going to pin it on your dad. You twisted bitch. Mark! Did you see it?”

“Yeah, bro. She’s insane. What do you want to do?”

Studying your body, Pete moves his hand over your cheek.

“Teach her a lesson,” he says quietly. He unzips his dick which pops out and slaps you across your face. It’s fat and smells of urine. You try to remain unfazed. He grabs a lock of your hair and mutters, “Suck it.”

You just stare back defiantly.


“How did that feel? Now suck it!” he practically yells at you.

You open your mouth a little bit and he stuffs his smelly cock inside it. Your cheek is still stinging from the slap as he holds your head and fucks your face hard. You feel another hand, Mark’s, sliding between your legs. You try to close your legs but he forces them open and feels your pussy through your panties, which are honestly a little moist.

He yanks them off your feet and you can hear him sniff them deeply. All this while, Pete is still fucking your face and choking you with his dick.

Then he lets you go and you spend a good minute coughing and gasping for air. He grabs your hair and pulls you to your feet as you grimace in pain. You feel Mark pulling your dress up above your waist, exposing your bare cunt. When Pete is pushing you down on to the seat, you suddenly feel the tip of a dick pushing through your cunt.

“NOO!!” you jump up but the two security guards are too strong for you. You’re impaled on Mark’s dick with your panties stuffed inside your mouth. Pete pulls down the top of your dress, exposing your beautiful tits.

As Mark starts fucking your pussy, Pete spits on your tits a bunch of times before squeezing them together and pushing his dick in between.

You can’t help but moan slightly as the two cocks abuse your body. The dick in your cunt is pretty big, stretching it out and keeping you wet. Pete squeezing your tits hard is making it even better. Without wanting it, your body is enjoying this.

Soon, Mark starts humping you rapidly before holding you down all the way on his dick. You feel his hot cum flow inside you as he cums. Not much later than that, Pete too explodes his cum all over your tits. When they’re done, they push you to the floor and tuck their dicks in. Your panties fall out of your mouth.

“Sir?” Pete looks to your dad, “don’t you want, erm, revenge?”

As you lie there, with cum leaking down your thighs and coating your tits, you look at your dad who walks over and takes his dick out. Instead of jerking it, though, he starts peeing on you.

“Dad, STOP!” you squeal.

“No,” he says as he aims the piss all over you, “You are not the boss of me anymore.”

When he’s done, he simply walks out and tells you to come home on your own. The guards get back to their work with no advice about how to go home covered in cum and piss. You wipe your cum off with your panties and throw them aside. Pulling the dress back to cover yourself, you walk out of the mall and hail a cab. Not having enough money, you’re forced to pay for the ride with your pussy right outside your house. The driver bends you over the hood of his car and fucks your pussy raw. He then pushes you to your knees and cums all over your face before driving off.

As you walk up the stone path to your home, you realize this: you are no longer a domme in this. You’re just a cum dumpster.