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(Everybody Wants You, continued by RandomShadfan...)

Kieran manoeuvres his tongue around yours as you kiss him more intensely. His fingering of you increases in both speed and depth. Almost instinctively you reach forwards and touch his quickly hardening cock. You wrap a hand around it and begin stroking it with the same vigor it’s owner is kissing you.

He pulls away by a minuscule amount to breathe, “Like this, beautiful?” and you merely smile and nod before he restarts the kiss with the same lustful passion.

Kieran’s dick has become rock-solid and the mere sight sets you tingling with anticipation. He pulls away again to position his member at your pussy, but takes a moment to suck his juice-covered fingers. “Delicious,” he smiles. He sets the tip at your cunt and, after two teasing prods, he pushes it in.

He slowly pushes his huge dick inside, inch by inch, slowly filling you up. Meanwhile, you can only sigh lustfully. He completely fills you up with his dick and looks momentarily surprised. However, he quickly begins to pull backwards, but halfway through he thrusts, catching you off guard with a huge wave of pleasure. You notice that you’ve wrapped your legs around his waist so as to draw him closer, and you’re gripping his shoulders like your life depends on it.

Kieran starts building up a rhythm, slowly building up speed with every thrust, and each thrust feels like bliss incarnate. Your newfound lover suddenly changes up a gear, thrusting into you almost faster than you can process. He grabs hold of your waist with one hand to hold you steady as he relentlessly pounds your pussy.

Sooner than you’d like, you begin hearing Kieran breathing heavily. “Gonna cum…” he stammers. “Where you…want it?”