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(Everybody Wants You, continued by MDYIC...)

You decide to gun it for the bus. As soon as it pulls up you push the old man away and jump into the door. The bus drives away and you’re left gasping.

“Well that’s over.” You look around and are happy to see the bus almost completely empty. “Thank god.”

The driver gives you a dirty look as you make your way to your seat but continues driving. After a quick bus drive you find yourself at your friend’s house.

You pay the driver and make your way out. “Have a nice day, gorgeous,” he calls out. You ignore him and run off the bus to Claudia’s front door.

As soon as you knock on the door Claudia pulls it open and right away your eyes are drawn to her outfit. Super-short shorts and a tight, white thin shirt. “Hey! Come on in!” She basically pulls you through the doorway.

You follow her into her house (both her parents are at work) and she sits you down on her couch. “So how’s it going?” she asks, sitting down right next to you, your bodies almost touching.

“Oh I’m fine, I’ve had kind of a weird day,” you tell her. “I just need to relax a little, get my mind straight.”

“You poor thing, here let me help. You just lie down and I’ll get you something to drink,” she tells you before running off.

You nod and lie down on the couch. When Claudia comes back she’s holding iced tea. However, right before she gets to you, she trips and spills the tea all over you, drenching you and making your whole body freezing, not to mention your nipples rock hard.