Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Bac...)

You decide to ignore the convincing and have the sex. You lean forward and touch your lips to your surprised best friend. Claudia resists at first, but as you try to slide your tongue into her mouth she starts to kiss back. You moan into her soft mouth as your hands roam her body, feeling her breasts.

By now you are passionately making out with your friend and sliding off her shirt. You break the kiss for a second and kiss her neck downwards to her breasts. You take her bra off and start sucking on her left nipple, while massaging her right. Claudia moans as you taste her bare chest. You move your head back up to embrace her in another hard kiss, she then slides off your shirt and takes off your bra as you make out.

Claudia pins you down and your soft bodies collide. She looks at you and starts kissing your breasts while sliding her finger into your panties. As she slides her fingers in and out of you, your moans get louder and let louder, until you are about to come.