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(Everybody Wants You, continued by queenie...)

Your frustration has reached its peak at this point. Who does she think she is, acting like a queen not worthy of your time? Everyone else today so far has devoted themselves to you… Realization dawns quickly as your mind flashes back to the wish you made just last night. As you try to wrap your head around the concept, you begin to wonder if Jennifer is so self important that not even the supernatural can affect her.

However, she’s walking away fast and your feet haven’t even moved an inch. Thinking fast, you drop your clothes, run after her and wrap your arms around her waist. Jennifer is relatively light, meaning that pulling her towards you is easy.

“What the fuck? Let go of me, you bitch!” she growls at you, kicking her legs back and forth. The pile of clothes she was holding scatter across the floor. A witness or two catch sight of the ongoing scene, but their lust-filled eyes suggest that they’re enjoying the view. With her struggling body in your grasp, you drag her to the closest changing room and pin her against the mirror.

“You absolute fucking whore! Get off of me!” Jennifer protests, but her cries become muffled as your tongue finds its way into her mouth, swirling around as an inkling of her artificial-tasting lipstick fills your taste buds. It’s an intoxicating feeling, dragging a person you hate down to this point.

Though you’ve got this far, you still don’t know what territory to breach next. Your decisions haven’t exactly been planned ahead, after all.