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(Everybody Wants You, continued by queenie...)

Your hand slips down to Jennifer’s skirt, riding up her thigh until it reaches her lacy panties. Unconcerned with them, you reach your fingers under and pull them to her knees. “Don’t you dare!” she attempts to protest as your fingers travel further up.

With little hesitance, you take two fingers and slide them into her pussy, somewhat slick with juices. She tenses, pressing up against the mirror as a hiss escapes through her teeth. You continue until your fingers have gone as far as they can go, pressing against the walls of Jennifer’s vagina.

You begin your work, slipping your digits in and out with relative ease. Her breath is heavy — you can just feel the heat of it against your cheeks. “How do you like that, huh?” you taunt. “Not so high and mighty now, are you?”

You hear a faint growl from her. “Shut up,” she seethes through her subtle groans.

Your pace picks up rapidly. You can feel the trembling of her body as she can hide no longer from the pleasure of the situations. Tiny whines transform into full moans. “You- ah- I’m going to--!” her shaking stops as she tenses once more, panting and muttering her incoherent curses as she reaches her orgasm.

Watching Jennifer of all people tremble under your hand is a delightful sight. You’re not done yet, though. Things have only just begun.