Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by girl01...)

You run to the shower to clean all of the cum off your body, and you decide you want to be horny.

You grab the shower head and turn it on the massage setting. You point the stream on your clit and hold it there. After about ten seconds you feel an amazing sensation. It’s so intense you have to take it off.

Right when you start to pull it away you feel someone hold it in place. You turn around and your brother is there, pressing the shower head between your legs.

You try to back up but he is in the way, so you give in, moaning, “This feels great. Ooooh!”

Your brother makes sure you have hold of the shower head, then he steps out. When he comes back he has your favorite dildo. He kneels down by your pussy and slams the dildo into you, causing you to scream with pleasure.