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(Everybody Wants You, continued by MDYIC...)

You sit for a few seconds as the several dozen horny guys eye you up. All you can do is sit there, hands on tits, pussy more wet than you ever thought possible.

After about a minute of this, one of the men in the front walks up to you and pulls out his hard cock, stroking it slowly. You take a deep breath before giving in and kneeling before him, getting to work on stroking and sucking him.

As soon as you give in the whole crowd sets off and your surrounded on all sides by big, girthy cocks. At least twenty make a circle around you while the others wait behind them.

They force a cock into both of your hands and one in your mouth as you do your best to manage their thick warmth. Your surprised by how amazing it feels to be so used and within ten minutes the first three men shoot their huge loads of cum into and onto your face. You swallow what you can and let the rest run down your face.

You realize that three holes can’t please everyone and they all realize this too. Within seconds you feel yourself get pushed to the ground, your clothes torn off and your body is forced into positions of pleasure. You’ve got a cock deep in your ass and two more in your quivering pussy.

Never in your life have you been used like this. It’s an earth-shattering mix of pain and Nirvana as all your nerves light up with pleasure. Every few minutes someone will fill you or cover you with another load of cum. You’ve swallowed what feels like a gallon already, your whole body is sticky, your ass is leaking and you had better hope you weren’t ovulating because pregnancy seems unavoidable now.

Sometime after the first ten men you get pushed over the edge into a series of quivering orgasms. Your toes curl as your pussy tightens around both of the cocks inside.

This goes on for nearly an hour until the crowd has all been pleased and disperse. You lie there in the grass, panting, almost unconscious, and completely soaked with the cum of fifty men. This is the happiest you’ve been in your entire life. You drift off to sleep as your warm sticky body gives in to drama of sexual heaven.