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(Everybody Wants You, continued by Emma...)

“We’ve got to be quick,” you whisper, “before mom comes back.”

“Okay honey, but hurry up, your mother could be back any moment now.”

You quickly work your father up to a climax, stroking his cock faster and harder and fondling his balls with his other hand. He shoots his cum over the kitchen floor with a loud sigh. Some of it spills over your hand and it feels warm and sticky.

Your father has just put his member back in his pants and was tucking his shirt into his pants again when your mother returns to the kitchen. You can see she is blushing and she seems happy and relaxed in a way you’re not used to seeing her.

“Oh my,” she says, “somebody seems to have spilled something on the floor.” She then gets down on her knees and starts scrubbing your fathers cum off the linoleum kitchen floor.

You try not to blush as you excuse yourself and say that maybe it’s your turn to go and wash your hands this time.