Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by ?...)

You pull Jennifer’s panties completely off. You sniff them and spit out the word, “Disgusting.”

She looks at you with a mixture of fear, disbelief, and frankly undeniable satisfaction from her orgasm.

You take your hand, wet with her juices, and run it all over her face before pushing it inside her slack-jawed mouth.

“Yes, clean your filth off my hand you bitch. Clean it up,” you say with a smile. Then you slowly take your top off, followed by your bra.

“Now suck my tits.”

Jennifer doesn’t react so you grab her by her hair and yank her face closer. You feel her mouth on your nipple and you can’t help but bite your lower lip as she starts sucking.

The small changing room is full of sucking noises. This turns you on even more. You caress her back, smaller than yours. You pull her top off over her head. You see her itsy-bitsy black lace bra.

“Whore,” you say and look in her eyes. She looks back, expressionless. You pull her straps down her white shoulders, then reach around to unclasp it, and finally throw it away. Her breasts, small but perky, hang before you. You reach out and caress them for a few moments.

Then you lean back and spread your legs.

“Take off my underwear, slut. Use your whore mouth.”

Jennifer obeys you meekly; buying your panties and pulling them down your long legs.

“Sniff them, then shove them inside your cunt.”

She does as you ask. Then you grab her hair and pull her face down to your pussy.

“Eat it, bitch!”

You lie down as she slowly starts eating you out. You push her face harder against your groin and feel her nose pushing your clitoris. She speeds up with her lips and tongue: sucking, licking, and even biting. Within ten minutes, you stifle a major shriek as you arch your back and cum heavily on her face.

You’re about to make her eat your ass when there’s a knock on the door.