Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by ILC...)

Afterwards, you both lie there, too sweaty and exhausted to do anything else. Dan’s phone rings, and you groan.

“Stay,” you beg, wanting him to fuck you more, like the naughty girl you are. He shakes his head.

“Sorry. I have plans with the team.”

You sit up, leaning into him. “Bring me with you,” you whisper seductively.

He groans, running his hands up your naked legs. “How could I say no?”

Twenty minutes later, you’re walking down the street with your boyfriend, and you can see the basketball team waiting at the court. Once you approach, everyone gapes at you.

“Who’s the hot bitch?” one of them whispers. You smile.

“Hi boys,” you say, waving flirtatiously.

The captain comes over, smiling at you. “Wanna fuck?”

Your eyes widen, and you nod. “Why not?” you reply, and you bend over.

He pulls down your clothing, and starts fucking you with a dick that’s so big, it’s bordering on ridiculous. You shout loudly with pleasure, and he keeps fucking you for several minutes, while your boyfriend starts to fuck your ass. Another guy comes over, cramming beneath you to lick you swollen clit, adding to your shouts of pleasure. Two more guys stick their dicks in your mouth, and you gag, still performing.

This goes in for a while, with everyone switching positions, and a few more people added. Finally you’re about to pass out on the ground, still naked, while one last guy fucks you so hard that you think you’ll break. Sirens sound, and a policeman gets out of a car, looking angry.