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(Everybody Wants You, continued by ILC...)

The officer gets out of the car, and you smile at him, still completely naked. “Hello officer,” you say, and he frowns.

“Ma’am, prostitution is illegal.”

You widen your eyes in mock shock. “Prostitution? Why, I would never!”

His lips twitch just a little bit. “You wouldn’t, huh?”

You smile, walking over to the officer. “Do you want a new fuck girl? Do you? Do you want me to suck you off, to sit on your face? Do you want me to fuck you until you can’t move? Do you want that?”

Without another word, he pulls out his already erect cock, and your eyes get huge. His dick is giant, bordering on something that will be painful instead of something full of pleasure. You kneel down, ignoring the catcalls of those around you. You kiss his giant dick, making him wait for it. He gropes your breasts while you do this, all the while moaning. You pop his dick into your mouth. Sucking on it like it’s a piece of candy, you feel pre-cum dripping down your throat. He grabs your hair, jerking your head back and forth.

The captain of the team comes back over, now recovered from his exhaustion. He slips his dick into your sore asshole, and you shriek around the officer’s dick.