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(Everybody Wants You, continued by geg...)

“No grandpa, please don’t!” It takes all your willpower, but you tell him not to cum inside you. He pulls out in the last second, and shoots a huge load across your belly, some of it even reaching your boobs.

“I’m sorry honey, look at the mess I made,” he says.

“That’s okay grandpa, I’ll just go clean up, don’t worry about it.” You head to the bathroom and take a quick shower. When you get back he is already sleeping. You climb into the bed, lie next to him without hesitation and fall asleep within seconds.

The next day you wake up spooning you grandpa. You are both still naked and you can feel his penis touching your butt. You feel a bit bad about not letting him cum inside you last night, so you decide to make up for it with a morning blowjob.

You gently roll him onto his back and begin playing with his limp dick. You put it into your mouth and suck on it to get it wet. Then you stroke his slippery but still very soft penis. Using your other hand you fondle his balls, lean closer and start licking and kissing them. You move up to his dick kissing it, licking his shaft from the bottom up to the top.

After a few minutes you realize it’s getting bigger. Your grandpa starts softly moaning. “Emma, what are you doing?” he asks.

“Just lie back grandpa, and let me take care of you,” comes your answer. Now that he’s awake, you kiss his already rock-hard dick one more time and lick the tiny bit of pre-cum off the top. “You taste amazing!” you tell him and start going to town. You bob your head up and down as fast as you can, trying to give him the best blowjob he’s ever had.

Not much later your grandpa, always the gentleman asks, “Honey, I’m close, where can I cum?”

You look up at him, smile, open your mouth and point at it. “Right here, grandpa,” you say and go back to work. That is all he needs. You can immediately feel he is about to empty himself into you. You tighten your grip with your lips so you don’t let any of his cum go to waste — his pre-cum was delicious and you have to have the real thing. He shoots his load and it hits the top of your mouth. You swallow all of it and then keep sucking licking his dick, trying to force out every last drop.

You both lie in the bad for a while, until your grandpa says, “My dear Emma, I’d love to wake up like this every day.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed it,” you answer with a big smile on your face. “Go get cleaned up grandpa, I’ll make us some breakfast.”

He thanks you, gets up and goes to the bathroom. You lie in bed for a few minutes before you make your way to the kitchen. Your clothes are still dirty, so you just wear grandma’s dress with no panties, bra or stockings. There is nothing to hide anymore, but you still think it would be weird to walk around naked in your grandparents’ house.

You decide to make an omelet — that’s what your grandmother always used to make in the mornings when you had a sleepover. You see the empty bottle of wine on the counter. You are not drunk anymore, but you still wanted to give your grandpa a blowjob. The thought of him cumming into your pussy still turns you on. You know it’s wrong. You don’t want to have his baby. But you also know if there is a next time, you won’t able to stop him.

By the time he gets back from the bathroom, you already have the food on the table. He looks at it and you see a big grin on his face.

“I know what you like, grandpa.”

“Yes you do honey, yes you do.”

While both have breakfast he compliments you on your looks and you start flirting with him again. You are getting really turned on; after all you didn’t get your release this morning, and all you can think of is your grandfather’s dick inside your pussy. You wonder if he is ready for round two.

But you can’t do it. You can’t get pregnant from your grandpa. That’s crazy! Trying to avoid him, you get up to do the dishes.

“Do you need any help, Emma?”

You turn around to say no, and you see him getting up from the table, with a huge bulge in his pants…