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(Everybody Wants You, continued by geg...)

You walk over to your grandpa, get down on your knees and undo his belt. “It’s gonna be alright, I just won’t let him fuck my pussy,” you tell yourself. You start licking and kissing his dick like you did last time. You are about to take him inside your mouth when you feel his hands on your cheeks, pulling you up to his face. He holds you close, his hard dick touching your belly through your grandma’s dress, and he kisses you passionately.

For the first time, you feel like he doesn’t just want to fuck you. This is more than that. You enjoy kissing much more than you did last night. He’s actually good at it! You wrap your arms around him and just enjoy making out. You pussy is so wet, your juices are dripping down onto your inner thigh. Your grandpa is really turned on too, you can feel his pre-cum through your dress and the wet spot is getting bigger and bigger.

His hands slowly start moving up from your hips, and grope your boobs through your dress. He tries to pull away from the kiss, but your lips follow his, you don’t want it to stop. His hands move up to your cheeks and bend you head backwards as he starts kissing your neck. “Oh grandpa,” you moan.

He gently frees your breasts from your clothes, and begins to suck on one, while pinching your nipple on the other. He keeps switching back and forth, pleasuring both of your boobs. You never needed to cum so much in your entire life.

Your grandpa probably realizes that, and tells you to sit down. “What are you going to do?” you ask as you sit on the chair. For a while he doesn’t say anything, just kneels in front of you, spreads your legs and admires your pussy.

“This is honestly the most beautiful vagina I have ever seen,” he says, still staring between your legs.

“Thank you so much gra- oh!”

Before you could finish, he placed a kiss on your inner thigh and licked all you juices off of it. He keeps pleasuring you with small licks and kisses, slowly getting closer to your pussy. He’s getting really close and you shiver in anticipation. You feel his breath on your lips, then…

“Oh no!” you exclaim. He didn’t touch your pussy, he went over to your other thigh. He is teasing you and it’s making you crazy. “I need it!” you yell to him.

“Stay patient, my Emma.”

He stays on your thigh torturing you for a few more minutes before he gets really close to your pussy again. This time he is not making you wait. He gently kisses your pussy, and then starts licking your lips up and down. Your whole body starts quivering as he pushes his tongue inside you. You wrap your legs around his head, and you are squeezing so hard you are afraid you might just hurt him. But he doesn’t slow down, and you let out the biggest scream of your life as you cum on his face.

You just sit in the chair panting for a few minutes. “Come on, honey” you hear your grandpa saying and reaching out his hand torward you. You take his hand and he helps you get up. You don’t even realize what’s happening while he is bending you over the table.

“I really shouldn’t,” you think to yourself as you feel his dick touching your pussy.